Harbour Vascular Clinic’s Dr Mayo Theivendran and Dr Ming Loh highlight the crucial collaboration between geriatric care, vascular surgery, and allied health professionals to enhance patient outcomes at Northern Beaches Hospital.

Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon Dr Mayo Theivendran established Harbour Vascular Clinic at Northern Beaches Hospital to provide premier care to patients of all ages, with easy accessibility, patient education, clinical excellence, and holistic care.

Harbour Vascular Clinic unites specialists in geriatric and vascular care with onsite vascular sonographers, wound care nurse practitioner with the team of hospital allied health professionals including physiotherapist, occupational therapists and dietitians.

“The most common conditions in our patients is peripheral arterial disease caused by classical cardiovascular risk factors of diabetes, hypertension, dyslipidaemia, sedentary lifestyle and age,” Dr Theivendran tells North Shore Living.

“Some patients require complex care and the advantage we have over other private hospitals is close-knit consultant care, meaning we cater to patients with collaborative specialist care”

“This team-based approach addresses immediate health concerns and focuses on long-term well-being and rehabilitation.”

Our team-based approach addresses immediate health concerns and focuses on long-term well-being.

With bulk-billed vascular ultrasound laboratories at Harbour Vascular at Northern Beaches Hospital – patients can conveniently have scans directly before being seen by Dr Theivendran.

“Everyone should be able to access quality care in their community. Northern Beaches Hospital is able to serve patients with the high standards of care across the multiple specialties,” adds Dr Theivendran.

Harbour Vascular also offers contemporary techniques in managing varicose veins along side Cutera Dermal Laser, a minimally invasive procedure using advanced laser technology to treat spider veins and rosacea.

Perioperative Physician and Geriatrician Dr Ming Loh works closely alongside Dr Theivendran due to the geriatric medical issues linked with vascular patients.

“The average age of patients I see ranges from 60 to 80 and above, with the objective of preparing for a later life stage,” says Dr Loh.

“In geriatrics, when operations are needed, we can play a role with every subspecialty – orthopaedics, vascular, upper GI, lower GI, general surgery, ENT, plastics, the whole spectrum.

“I see patients before an operation, assessing the risks and benefits and we’re comprehensive with communication with every other clinician involved, including if they are diabetic or have a strong cardiac history.

“I then liaise with the specialists, blending the information from the surgeon, the anaesthetists, physicians and GPs and present this to the patient and other team members.”

Dr Loh says there is a strong health literacy on the peninsula with residents invested in their healthcare. “There’s an exercise paradigm in the beaches and the local GPs are excellent, often knowing the patient’s 30-year history,” adds Dr Loh.

“As a result, we can do more for patients in terms of early falls and get them into the right physio programmes. We explore why they’re falling, what their space is like at home and how they manage themselves with a clear objective of maintaining independence right to the end of life.”

Harbour Vascular Clinic works with physiotherapists for prehabilitation and post-surgery, providing better outcomes in recovery with tailored programs.

“If a patient needs surgery, we explore how to integrate this with the rest of their health care,” he adds. “As a result, I find patients are engaged and committed.”

Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon Dr Mayo Theivendran, left, established Harbour Vascular Clinic at Northern Beaches Hospital and works closely alongside Geriatrician and Peri Operative Physician Dr Ming Loh.

There is a strong health literacy on the peninsula with residents invested in their healthcare.

Dr Loh has a specialty in perioperative medicine – a new chapter in the College of Anaesthetists – whereby surgeons, like Dr Theivendran, build teams of people with whom they work well.

“The central tenet is about communication and collaboration,” explains Dr Loh. “That’s what I love about it, being able to actively engage with my peers to produce best outcomes for patients.

“It’s a great pairing, and we’ve got wonderful talent on the floor. There’s a mix of legacy and senior experience, and we have anaesthetists, physician specialists, cardiologists, respiratory doctors, kidney doctors, surgeons, and intensivists – medical practitioners specialising in caring for critically ill patients.

“We have brilliant physicians and phenomenal nurses, especially the wound nurses and recovery nurses who are critical, and a strong, dynamic allied health team. The surgical wards are very well led.”

Dr Loh works closely with the intensive care team, often accompanying patients when they meet the anaesthetist, and greeting them in recovery. “Recovery can be scary for some patients, so I like to be there as reassurance.

“As well as aiding recovery, we also help patients get their sleep cycles back in check, communicate well and often involve the families in that process.”

Dr Loh says Northern Beaches Hospital has a thriving culture with “the right attitudes and the right beliefs.”

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