If every Australian performed an act of kindness on World Kindness Day, over 26 million would be smiling. So try our Top 5 kindness ideas and you could make someone’s day!

The World Kindness Movement launched World Kindness Day in 1998 with the aim of promoting kindness everywhere. Every year 13 November is dedicated to promoting acts of kindness and bringing people together.

Research has shown that being kind to someone else has benefits for you too, which Health Direct calls a ‘positive feedback loop’.

There are endless opportunities to be kind, so we have come up with a few to kick- off kindness day.


Do you have an elderly neighbour? They might appreciate some company, especially if they live alone. Why not drop by for a cuppa and a chat. And pick up their mail from the letterbox on your way in.

Perhaps their bin is heavy, or they have a steep driveway, and would appreciate it if you helped them out on bin day.

If your neighbour is unwell, they might need a few things from the supermarket that you could pick up for them.

And while you’re driving to the supermarket, don’t forget you can be kind in the car.

Allow another driver merge into your lane, wave in thanks if someone lets you in and don’t forget to have patience with the learner drivers – remember you had to learn too.


Kids, do something nice for your friends. Ask someone on their own if they want to play. You could let someone else go on the monkey bars before you. You could offer to help the teacher tidy up after an activity or pick up any litter in the school yard.

If you use a school bus, don’t forget to smile and say thank you to the school bus driver for getting you there safely.


As well as being kind to others, it’s important to be kind to yourself. We are all so busy with life that sometimes it’s easy to forget to enjoy the things we love.

If you like to read, allow yourself some time to bury your head in a book. Or relax and close your eyes and put on your favourite music or listen to a podcast without doing a million other things at the same time.

When was the last time you took some time to enjoy nature? Take a walk, without earbuds, and listen to the birds and stop to smell some flowers. It’s a good way to gather your thoughts and ground yourself.

Forget a quick three-minute shower and soak the day away in a relaxing bath with some candles.


Shop ethically where you can and support local smaller shops when possible. Say no to single use plastics and carry a reusable water bottle and coffee cup with you.

Be thoughtful when buying fresh food, as if it’s not used it may end up in the bin. Bring your own reusable fruit and veg bags to the supermarket and try to avoid too much packaging.

Why not join a beach clean-up group or volunteer with an environmental group.


How often do you tell people you love and appreciate them? It would make your friends smile to get a sweet text message, telling them you how much you value them in your life.

Parents could put little inspirational love notes in the kids’ lunchboxes (they might say they’re embarrassed, but will secretly love it) – or stick one in your partner’s sock drawer.

Kids can offer to do chores – without being asked! They could give their parent or guardian a big hug for no particular reason. Older kids could offer to help with dinner, or even cook it.

Teens – have some technology-free time, come out of your bedroom and hang out with parents or guardians.

Also remember, a smile doesn’t cost a thing and is a simple way to be kind.