There’s no better way to celebrate than with a cake, and Looking to commemorate my best friend’s birthday, we stopped at French patisserie Ganache in Castlecrag. We found the perfect one: layers of soft and light chocolate sponge covered in an indulgent chocolate coat of rich ganache.

We were greeted with warm smiles and the homey scent of freshly baked bread and coffee.

The patisserie has been open for over two decades, and owner Didier Sockeel can be seen at the back, making the magic happen between his expert hands. Sockeel and his dedicated team create unforgettable cakes for various occasions, including anniversaries and weddings, delighting guests and their taste buds.

Individual pastries, both sweet and savoury, specialty cakes, baguettes, croissants, mini-tarts and the finest sweets are on display at the patisserie, and each delicacy is tempting.

The simple task of choosing a cake now brings up a dilemma. The question is no longer which flavour to choose, but how many should we get.

Luckily for us, Didier suggested we get a ‘bit of everything,’ as most of the cakes can be bought in individual portions. Some cakes can also be bought for larger groups.

My friend picked the signature Ganache chocolate sponge cake. It is definitely the right choice and ideal for chocoholics. The sweetness of the pure ganache made from fine chocolate is balanced by the layers of light chocolate sponges flavoured with a dash of liqueur.

My choice was the macadamchoco, a rich chocolate royale-style mousse sitting on a thin, crunchy, praline base decorated with caramelised macadamias and a silky dark glaze. The delicate flavours and soft texture of the mousse melts in the mouth, leaving a creamy aftertaste. It was the perfect companion for our afternoon black coffee.

We finished our cakes, but before we left, I got a piece of ‘success’ for my friend: a multi-layered tread of delicious hazelnut butter-cream and almond meringue that you can’t say no to.

To conclude our visit, we followed Didier’s advice and took home his famous petit fours. And it was a good decision. The signature mini-eclairs, a tiny lemon tart and a mini-brownie, were the sweetest way to mark the end of a big day of celebrations.

Ganache Patisserie
85 Edinburgh Road, Castlecrag
Phone: 9967 2882