A solar storage battery is the first step to a $0 electricity bill and to potentially making money from your excess energy production via lucrative arrangements with companies like Amber or joining a VPP.

People are always asking us, Is now a good time to install a battery or should we wait? Says David Veal, Managing Director of Solarpro.

“Short answer – don’t wait! We’ve installed hundreds of batteries and our customers love them. Depending on the home, the savings can be high and some people are paying off their battery within five years, so they’re very good for the hip pocket!

“Then there is the energy independence that people love. Being in control of the energy you produce is powerful and it just feels real good. Now with Virtual Power Plants, you can take control of your energy and even make money from the battery.” David says.

Government analysis for 2022 to 2023 showed households in NSW with an 8.5kWh battery could wipe out their bill completely.

(source DCCEEW estimates)

Then of course there is the energy security a battery offers. When the grid fails it’s a great feeling being the only one in the street with the light still on. However, not all batteries will automatically keep your lights on in a black-out or seamlessly restart the morning after. This is why it’s so important to speak to a specialist before you buy.

Choose a Top Professional

“We have a range of batteries, the most popular are the SolarEdge Home Battery and the Tesla Powerwall. In fact, we’ve just been awarded, for the fourth year running, the title of “Premium Certified Installer” from Tesla. Only 3% of installation companies in the whole of Australia have this title. It’s awarded for the highest quality work and outstanding after sales support.” David adds.

“There is a lot to consider with batteries so look out for the blue star on the Tesla Logo to make sure your battery installer is a Premium one like us.

“And if you want to make money from your solar, let us crunch the numbers to see what’s possible for your energy future.” Says David.


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