From MAFS to motherhood, Jules Robinson’s new book has it all

It’s been six years since Jules Robinson met ‘the one,’ Cam, on season six of Channel 9 reality show Married at First Sight (MAFS). She’s managed to pack a lot into life over those years. Apart from getting married, having son Oliver and launching three businesses, Jules has steadily grown a social media following for which she is appreciative. So much so, the Cromer local who grew up in Avalon has just written a book, Ask Jules, dedicated to those very supporters.

“I’m so grateful because I have such a strong community that’s given me nothing but love and support over the last five years,” Jules, 42, says. “They’ve been so invested in my life and my marriage.

“So this book comes with a lot of gratitude.”

With more than 736,000 Instagram followers, Jules is used to sharing her life. On completing MAFS, she created a hashtag on Instagram and was soon inundated with messages – many of them related to body confidence, hair and beauty questions.

“It just made sense to put it into those three sections of love, style and soul because they are the main things people want to ask questions about.”

It’s a candid read which covers much of Jules’ life, from growing up on the Northern Beaches, appearing on MAFS, her years living and working in London as a hair stylist and her struggles with premenstrual dysphoric disorder.

The book shows her entrepreneurial side, detailing her business start-ups: fashion label Moira Muse; shapewear brand, Figur; and Status Co, a hair and makeup bar. She’s also co- hosted a podcast about motherhood called The Juggling Act.

Along the way she adds her tips for wellbeing, relationships and style.

The book took two years to write. “A lot of people say, ‘How do you do this? How do you do it all?’ And I’m like, well I missed four deadlines!” she laughs. “That’s how I did it.”

Jules’s journey in penning the book was a personal one. “I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve about what I’ve learned in my life, my life lessons, my mistakes and things I could have done better.

“I’m really happy with it. I feel very proud and it’s definitely a little badge of honour when you become an author.”

Jules is particularly pleased with the ‘love’ and ‘soul’ sections of the book. “All I can hope is that someone takes value from that,” she reflects.

She is now pregnant with the couple’s second child, due in July. The book details their two-and-a-half year journey to conceive. “I think I’ve been in ‘flight or fight’ mode for quite a few years now and it’s been an amazing five years. But it’s been a lot,” Jules says. “I want to sustain this life that I have and I love everything that I do, but I knew I was constantly getting burnout and I had to learn how to manage that and my self-care.”

Through it all, Jules has maintained the support of her loving husband Cam, 40. He even took the photo of Jules that appears on the book cover. “He’s my biggest supporter,” she says. “If he doesn’t have my hand, he has my back.”

Ask Jules is available to buy now in most bookshops.