The owners of a motorcycle dealer and repair shop have paid a visit to firefighters who saved their business from a devastating blaze in Brookvale.

More than 60 firefighters responded to a fire on Old Pittwater Road in Brookvale around 9.30 pm on 8 May.

Attending firefighters contained the fire that was devastating a dry cleaner, preventing adjoining businesses from being impacted.

The day after the incident, and coinciding with FRNSW’s annual ‘Open Day’ event, the family behind one of those businesses visited Dee Why firefighters to thank them.

Chief Superintendent Area Commander Darryl Dunbar was pleased that his crews’ actions produced a positive outcome.

“While we’re unable to prevent every single tragedy, incidents like this remind us how important our role really is in protecting our community.

“I’m pleased that the efforts of our crews prevented this fire from spreading,” he added. “Without their hard work the consequences would have been dire for many more.”