Forestville’s Umbrella School of Music offers inclusive programs for people of all ages, abilities, and disabilities and will present a production of the Disney musical Camp Rock at the Zenith Theatre in Chatswood in March 2025.

Founder Ingrid Bass (pictured fourth from the left above) is launching a pilot workshop on 23 June for anyone who’d like insights into the production and a chance to sing, dance, and act.

Unsuccessful in attaining a Create NSW grant due to strong competition, Ingrid is calling out for sponsorship to raise $12,000 by 23 June. 

“Not just individuals,” she stresses. “But local businesses such as banks, real estate agents, car dealers, and retailers can sponsor us.” 

Any donations of $500 or more will be acknowledged on the school’s social media channels, website, and programs. and sponsorship packages are available.

Ingrid is giving the project everything and she’s losing sleep.

“I know that sounds ridiculous, but I want this so much for the whole community,” Ingrid says. “It’s mainly staff costs, required insurances, Disney rights and royalties, rehearsal venue and theatre hire.”

“We can offset some of the expenses with a production fee, Ingrid adds. “But it never covers everything. The head mics alone are $300 per person. I’ve only asked for 20, and I really might need 30.

It’s a unique production in that it’s the first time in Sydney that two characters (one with a disability and one without) will share one role. 

“I want to show how capable people with disability are in the performing arts, says Ingrid. “And how engaging in and experiencing shows with a diverse cast can not only result in amazing theatre but can also create a more kind, understanding and compassionate community.”

Tax deductible donations can be made through the Australian Cultural Fund here.

Ingrid has a GoFundMe page too (not tax deductible).