If you think back to when you were at primary school and the teacher asked you what a community is you probably thought like most people, it’s my suburb – the place where I live. And if you were anything like five-year-old me, you were amazed that community means more than just where you live.

If I were to stop and think for a moment, I could come up with at least ten communities I am part of and maybe you are the same.

Have you ever thought about the contribution you make to your community? Whether it be as a team manager for your child’s sport, lending a hand at the school canteen, fundraising for a family in need, or simply watering the neighbour’s plants while they’re away, community spirit comes in so many shapes and sizes.

When you think of what it means to have ‘community spirit’, you probably come up with a lot of different qualities. Rachael Jackson is the embodiment of 99% of those things.

You can find Rachael around at community events, helping at a charitable fundraiser, contributing to the local school, or delivering information to the locals through various Facebook groups and social media platforms.

What makes someone want to work hard in the community and give back?

Rachael came to the Northern Beaches in 1997 as a student from the UK to study and twenty-five years later she is still here. Rachael is passionate about the local area and tries to advocate for vulnerable members of the community wherever she can.

Over her time here she has helped to rehouse people, furnish homes through donations and fundraising, and tries to give a voice to people who have lost their own voices or been silenced.

Rachael is very open about her struggles and what prompted her to start helping those around her.

Her past has been hard, having lived through domestic violence and homelessness but instead of letting that define her she found her voice and uses that to bring awareness and support to issues in the community.

“So many people talk the talk but they never walked the walk,” Rachel said.


Rachael has a Facebook group and uses this platform to inform, advocate and help wherever she can, and if you would like to get involved in community advocacy or lend a hand where it’s needed, join her group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/624350654388535/ 

Samantha is a freelance copywriter and author who resides on the sunny Northern Beaches. She is actively involved in local sports clubs and the community. When she isn’t writing she’s... no wait... she’s always writing! You can find Samantha here: