Brookvale’s sustainable paint and ink manufacturer, Colormaker Industries, will celebrate the official launch of their new 144 kWh ReVolve® battery on 5 April.

The battery will be the first in the world to be commissioned, connected, and operated commercially. Well over two years in the making, it represents a significant milestone on Colormaker’s pathway to Net Zero.

The ReVolve® battery is groundbreaking technology designed and built in Australia around second-life batteries from nine Nissan Leaf EVs. So it’s a great story on at least two fronts.

Colormaker’s paint production can now be completed entirely with electricity produced the day before by their solar array and stored in the ReVolve® overnight.

In fact, Colormaker has just passed the milestone of saving 675 tonnes of greenhouse gases through the electricity produced from its 100 kW solar array, installed over four years ago.

“Having such a huge energy surplus has been a great enabler for Colormaker,” said managing director David Stuart. “We produce 2.2 times as much electricity as we use, but until recently, we have only been 65 per cent self-sufficient.

“Since our small battery was installed, for every kWh that we’ve taken from the grid, we’ve put 5 kWh back in. The battery and solar have also enabled us to reduce Demand, a measure of strain on the grid, by 85 per cent.”

Colormaker’s April event will also include a celebration of three sustainability award wins in 2023: the Solar Champion award by the Solar Alliance, a Northern Beaches Sustainability award, and Colormaker was the winner in Excellence in Sustainability for Sydney Metro region by Business NSW.

Colormaker Industries was also announced as a Finalist for the Business NSW State Award for Excellence in Sustainability.